Sticky Situation: Adhesive shortage potentially incoming as supply chain issues persist

Toronto, Ontario — A new industry supply chain issue may have reared its head, as some suppliers are warning their customers about an anticipated shortage of certain adhesives. 

According to reporting by GlassBYTEs.com, Pam Oliver, sales representative at Mygrant Glass Company recently notified users of BEATASEAL adhesive U428+ that stock is getting low. 

“Dow [now DuPont] is having difficulty obtaining some of the raw products that are required to produce U428+. We still have some stock, but it’s getting low. We may have periods where stock is zero. Dow has assured us that they are doing everything they can to get the product moving again. You may be forced at some point to switch to another product for a while. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but giving you a heads up anyway,” Oliver wrote in an email. 

Scott Mason, Global OEM and Industry Aftermarket Manager for USA & Canada at DuPont says the company is doing everything to solve this issue. 

“DuPont has experienced unprecedented challenges with raw material supply over the past several months,” Mason said. “This has affected the DuPont adhesives product line. The raw material supply situation remains very dynamic, but we are actively managing our raw materials supply chain and global logistics network to find improvements. We intend to continue improving our ability to meet our customers’ needs in this uncertain, and frequently changing, demand environment.”


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