Steering the Way: Applications open for CCIF Steering Committee, seeking OEM and OE dealers

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— It’s that time of year again⁠: the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) has opened applications for its 2022 Steering Committee.

Applications for the 2022 CCIF Steering Committee are now open for OEM and OE dealers. 

CCIF’s Steering Committee members should be decision-makers in their respective organizations; have extensive industry experience; be good communicators and demonstrate knowledge of key issues and trends affecting the industry. 

Members serve staggered terms of two years and are expected to attend CCIF and the Steering Committee meetings⁠—of which there are currently three per year⁠—and be available for up to eight conference calls per year.

New Steering Committee members will be selected by CCIF’s current Chairman, Paul Prochilo; existing CCIF Steering Committee members and CCIF director Caroline LaCasse based on recommendations and applications that meet the criteria. Applicants will apply in writing, using the application form available from CCIF website.

The immediate Past Chair will select the Chair of CCIF in consultation with the CCIF Steering Committee.

Click here for more information on CCIF’s Steering Committee.

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