Steck launches Axle Popper II


Dayton, Ohio — October 7, 2014 — Steck Manufacturing Company has released the Axle Popper II (P/N 71415). It’s designed to allow you to break loose half shafts from the transaxle on front wheel drive cars using your air hammer.

Axle Popper II is the air tool version of Steck’s original Axle Popper Wedge (71411). Like the original wedge, the Axle Popper II is tapered on both ends of the wedge along with a 6-inch shaft to fit into your air hammer. The base of the Axle Popper II has been increased by 3/8-inch to give it additional strength while decreasing potential deflection with the increased power of your air hammer.

Half Shafts are sometimes difficult to break loose with a pry bar. Steck says the new tool is safer than using a pry bar, as the Axle Popper II wedge forked end applies even pressure to both sides of the shaft for sure release of the shaft. The company’s original Axle Popper Shim (71412), which is sold separately, can also be used with the Axle Popper II to fill the gap between the half shaft and the transaxle on some vehicles.

For more information, please visit steckmfg.com.


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