Spring Broke: Gatineau driver pulled over trying to tow boat with tiny Toyota Echo

Gatineau, Québec — Some people believe that miracles happen all over the world, every day; a mother lifts a car to save their child; a lost dog returns home after 20 years—a driver in Gatineau tows a pontoon boat with a Toyota Echo.

But alas, there was no miracle in Gatineau on Tuesday when police pulled over a driver who was trying to kick off their summer by any means necessary, attempting to haul a pontoon boat behind their car on a Gatineau road.

The driver’s car; the Toyota Echo, was discontinued about 20 years ago due to its small size for North American roads, but no one tell that to the driver.

Gatineau Police took to Facebook to document the ordeal.

ARRIMAGE DES CARGAISONS | Le saviez-vous? Le Code de la sécurité routière prévoit des dispositions applicables à…

Posted by Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau on Tuesday, 13 April 2021


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