Smart Thinking: Tesla Model 3 owner uses autonomous summon feature to rescue car from closed garage

Vancouver, British Columbia – While Tesla’s Smart Summon feature hasn’t seen many updates since it first launched in 2019, Model 3 owner, dubbed “@JackyHeshi” in all online stories, was able to use the technology in an innovative way to rescue their vehicle from a locked parking garage. 

Recently, @JackyHeshi found themselves locked out from their car after having parked it in an Impark garage without realizing that it closed at 10:00 pm. 

With no after hours access, they would have had to wait until 7:00 am the next day until they could retrieve their vehicle. 

Instead, @JackyHeshi decided to see if they could use their Tesla Model 3’s Smart Summon feature to remotely drive their vehicle over the trigger of the parking garage’s internally locked  gate. 

Fortunately, the Model 3 was parked close enough to the gate that they were able to watch and direct their car’s progress. 

After a handful of minutes, the car was able to trigger the parking garage’s internal sensor and @JackyHeshi successfully escaped being stranded for the night. 



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