Slice Through Sweet Pete’s: Volvo SUV crashes through Toronto bike shop window

Toronto, Ontario — The motorists have struck another blow in their ongoing civil war against the cyclists, following reports that a Volvo V60 SUV plowed through the front window of Sweet Pete’s Bicycle Shop in Toronto’s downtown Bloordale neighbourhood on Friday.

In all seriousness, the shop’s owners took a very scary situation with an impressive amount of humour, saying this incident will maybe answer a lingering question they have after cases like these.

“I’ve always wonder[ed] how a driver hits a building? Now I can ask one who’s done it,” read a tweet from Sweet Pete’s ownership.

Unfortunately, two people did suffer minor injuries from the crash and the driver was trapped in the vehicle for a time, though witnesses tended to agree the outcome could have been far worse, given that the driver crossed the bike lane and sidewalk before crashing through the glass storefront.

Whoever runs Sweet Pete’s Twitter account continued lightheartedly engaging with the curious readers online after the fact, clarifying that “Of course we sell reflective safety vest but don’t cover the shop with them,” and “in case you weren’t sure our shop is limited to a speed of 0.0kph.”


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