Simplicity talks leadership and teamwork at the 2018 Performance Conference

From left: Paul Prochilo, Kirk Lin, Nick Polizos, Mario Ramos, Merik Dziurda, Joe Di Paola, Domenic Prochilo, Domenic Ieraci.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — April 12, 2018 — Simplicity Car Care recently held a Performance Conference in Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario. The event, which had in attendance franchise owners, two paint distributors and the company’s corporate team, explored how Simplicity and its franchise partners could heighten success and growth through various strategies focusing on great leadership, engagement and continuous learning. Speakers shared different insights about the consumers of today and how to run a repair facility in accordance with new consumer standards.
A number of speakers took the stage, starting with Paul Prochilo, Chief Executive Officer of Simplicity Car Care, who gave his opening remarks and a speech titled “Developing Internal Growth.” Domenic Ieraci, President of Simplicity Car Care followed to discuss Simplicity’s prospective development for the coming years. 
After a break for coffee, Larry Jefferies, President of Jefferies Consulting, shared with the audience a number of key tips in order to thrive within a banner system—both for the franchisees and those in corporate positions. Jefferies outlined the benefits of a banner system, some of which include improved shop and insurer relationships and better management of the increasingly complex technology coming through repair facilities. He then dove into the current insurance industry, including the needs of insurers and how these relate to business conduct in collision repair. Digging deeper, Jefferies discussed how Simplicity and its facilities fit in with insurer needs.
The talk then explored OEM certifications and their importance to success, and how banner shops can prepare themselves to “win” in today’s market place. Some of these winning strategies included information about how to focus on which repairs fit within your business and ensure consistent customer retention. 
A panel discussion moderated by Paul Prochilo and featuring the operations team, discussed “The Big 4”—Four essential practices for Simplicity facilities to implement into their business philosophy. The panel dove into the benefits and challenges of the Big 4, discussed where they are important in the business, and how to improve them.
Overall, the conference placed major significance on improving the franchisees, through communication and collaboration—both of which Simplicity regards to be essential to a successful company.
For more information about Simplicity Car Care, please visit simplicitycarcare.ca.

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