Simple and Sustainable: Simplicity Car Care wins BASF Canada Sustainability Customer Award

Toronto, Ontario — The orange banner has earned some green cred, as Simplicity Car Care announced Wednesday that it has been honoured with BASF’s Canada Sustainability Customer Award.

The award, first introduced in 2020, “recognizes customers who are demonstrating leadership in building a sustainable future, and particularly those who are doing so through innovation and integration of sustainability goals into their business strategy,” according to BASF’s website.

“BASF Canada is pleased to award Simplicity Car Care the 2022 Sustainability Innovation Award for their significant progress toward generating sustainability benefits and impacts by implementing new processes and leveraging innovative technologies throughout their operations. A notable component of Simplicity Car Care’s sustainability efforts is their ambitious targets, such as reducing its carbon footprint by 45 percent by 2035 and becoming Climate Positive by 2045,” said president of BASF Canada Apala Mukherjee.

When asked what he thinks earned Simplicity Car Care the award from BASF, president Domenic Ieraci told Collision Repair “Simplicity Car Care has created an Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) blueprint, with the objective of becoming, as an organization, climate positive by 2045.

“We have invested in technology to assist in having a global reading of our network’s carbon footprint as well as working with consultants to help roll out our science-based targets,” he said.

Ieraci says the company aims to lead the industry by example when it comes to sustainable business practices.

“We aspire to see not only Simplicity Car Care but our entire industry as a beacon of hope and an example of ESG excellence,” said Ieraci.


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