Sikkens global campaign shines the spotlight on Canada’s painters


Concord, Ontario — January 28, 2014 — Sikkens is bringing its global “Painters” campaign to Canada and the U.S. The campaign, which was previously launched successfully in Europe, stars the people who work the closest with Sikkens products: the painters. Now customers from Canada and the U.S. will also be from these daily front-line users, as they tell of their experiences and how their partnership with Sikkens leads to a continuous improvement of the Sikkens vehicle refinishes system and the repair process.

“The Painters has been a great success in Europe over the past year and focuses on our unique partnership with the McLaren Formula One Racing team,” says Simon Parker, AkzoNobel’s Vehicle  Refinishes Global Director. “We’re pleased to bring the campaign to Canada and the USA and to highlight the highly skilled and consummately professional craftsmen who work on the McLaren paint shop floor in Woking, England. It is there that Sikkens’ new coatings are tested to withstand the extreme conditions on the track.”
“The campaign is an integral part of the ‘Creating Together’ campaign, which stresses the essential role of partnership – how Sikkens works closely with its customers, like McLaren, to ensure quality, customer satisfaction, and business success,” says Heleen van de Lustgraaf, Global Manager Communications & Sustainability, A&AC. “We feel confident that we can have the same success spreading the word in Canada and the USA about how we work with our partners to deliver better products in terms of performance, appearance, ease of use, and productivity. In print and online, on a newly created, dedicated website with dynamic film trailers and interactive pages, and in special events, The Painters bring Sikkens products to life in very human terms.”
The Painters campaign will also showcase the upgrade program Sikkens is undertaking for its vehicle refinishes system.
“The continuous improvement of our Sikkens vehicle refinishes system is a direct result not only of our working closely with partners like McLaren, but also listening to the needs of local painters working with our products on a daily basis,” says Heleen. “It involves people from within the organization as well as our customers and highlights the essence of our success: Creating Together.”
The new global Sikkens website, sikkensvr.com, includes further information about The Painters. This new site brings together information on the full range of products and services, highlighting the color leadership and innovation that A&AC brings to the marketplace and to its customers. It also features links and tie-ins to social media sites like the Sikkens pages on Facebook, feeds on Twitter, videos on YouTube, and much, much more.
For example, Sikkens will be keeping an eye on the introduction of the new McLaren F1 car. Once again this year, Sikkens is providing the high-performance coatings for McLaren’s car, as it has every year since the 2009 season. The sikkensvr.com will count down the time remaining until the new car is unveiled.

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