SikaPower line expands with SikaPower-477 R

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Madison Heights, Michigan — August 22, 2016 — Sika Automotive has added a new “crash-durable” structural repair adhesive to its SikaPower line. 
The new product, SikaPower-477 R, is designed for aftermarket body shop repair applications. According to Sika Automotive, the new adhesivers delivers performance similar to that of adhesives applied during OEM assembly. High mechanical properties help to ensure the vehicle can be restored to its original condition without any compromise of structural integrity 
A statement from Sika Automotive says the new SikaPower-477 R provides excellent adhesion with a wide range of substrates including steel, aluminum and carbon fibre reinforced plastic, which allows for high-quality aftermarket structural and crash-resistant repair service. Sika’s body shop adhesives are fully compatible with lightweight aluminum and plastics. 
SikaPower-477 R is a two-component structural adhesive based on epoxy/amine technology, which features a new generation of proprietary tougheners that the company says reduce crack sensitivity and improve crash performance. 
The new adhesive can be applied with a standard one-component gun at room temperature. The product cures chemically, and has a relatively long open time of approximately 60 minutes. This allows for additional process operation steps, such as welding or riveting. 
Curing can be accelerated by heating the product with infrared, blankets or other heating devices after application.  

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