Shurhold Industries launches Fishing Series Handles

From the top: Shurhold's 760, 833 and 855 handles. The bottom images shows the detail of the gold threadwork.

Palm City, Florida — March 12, 2017 — Shurhold Industries has introduced another product for the wash bay and detailing area: the premium Fishing Series Handle. The Fishing Series Handle resemble a high-end fishing rod and fits over 40 attachments available for the company’s One Handle Does It All system.

The Fishing Series Handles feature sleek black finish, and lacquered gold trim and threadwork at the base. They come with durable foam end and centre grips.

Like Shurhold’s standard handles, they’re made from high-strength, heat-treated, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Three versions are offered: model 760FS is a fixed 5’, the 833FS telescopes at four lengths from 40″ to 6′ and 855FS adjusts in five positions from 5′ to 9′.

The Fishing Series Handles can be used with a wide array of Shurhold attachments. Offered are cleaning and maintenance tools, a Curved Adapter for scrubbing hard-to-reach spots and even a camera adapter.

For more information, please visit shurhold.com/auto.


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