Wind In Your Shins: Jeep unveils sketches teasing ‘donut door’ designs

Toronto, Ontario — Jeep appears to be toying with some tasty new design patents, as the Stellantis-based automaker released some sketches this week, featuring a Jeep sporting “donut doors”.

Jeep filed patents for the experimental transparent half-door design back in 2017, which prior to the release of the sketches, had only been seen on prototype Jeep Safari and Switchback models that were shown off at auto shows around that time.

As of yet, Jeep has provided no comment on the sketches, however, Ford notably teased donut doors on the re-introduced Bronco last year, but ultimately scrapped the design.

Unconfirmed reports have also indicated that a number of Canadian police departments are appealing for more funding to acquire donut doors.


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