SGI relocation plans put on hold

Regina, Saskatchewan — May 21. 2014 — The government of Saskatchewan has decided to postpone a decision on the re-location or renewal of the SGI head office building in Regina

As a result, SGI has cancelled its Request for Proposal for a new building, and will continue its head office operations from the current building at 2260-11th Ave. in Regina.
“The costs that were put forward in the RFPs came in higher than we as a government were prepared to commit to,” Minister Responsible for SGI Donna Harpauer said. “SGI is therefore not proceeding at this time.”
An engineer’s report confirms the current building is structurally sound and safe. There are some infrastructure and maintenance concerns that will need to be addressed at some point, but they are not safety-related. There are no plans for an extensive renovation of the building.
“I have been assured that SGI can continue to use the building without needing to undertake any major upgrades; it is a safe building to work in,” Harpauer said.
A Request for Expressions of Interest for a new office space was issued by SGI in late 2012. Four companies were then shortlisted to participate in the Request for Proposals process, with responses received in December 2013.
SGI plans to revisit this issue within the next few years.
Approximately 1,000 employees work at SGI head office.

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