Setting the Status Quo: CIECA unveils Emerging Technologies Data Standards Committee

Toronto, Ontario — CIECA has announced the formation new Standards Development Committee (SDC)  called the Emerging Technologies Data Standards Committee. All industry stakeholders, including CIECA and non-CIECA members, are invited to join

“Emerging technology and the electric vehicle are adding new business concepts and processes at a fast pace that needs to be shared among all segments of the industry to maintain and move data electronically,” said Paul Barry, CIECA’s executive director. “The new Emerging Technologies Data Standards Committee will bring all lines of business together to gather the feedback to document the electronic data that will be required.”

Unlike other committees that focus on a single business problem, said Barry, this committee will look broadly across the industry to identify emerging needs that may not be readily visible.

“Our goal is for committee members to develop and maintain messaging standards and codes aimed at collision industry technology,” said Paulette Reed, CIECA’s technical project manager. “The committee will review new workflows, terminology, and data requirements to help drive the implementation of these new technologies.”

The committee will not only help CIECA messages code lists be proactive in response to emerging technologies said Reed, however, it will also enable committee members to reach out and help resolve issues outside of CIECA. 

The committee will: provide definitions for new terminology to be documented and shared with the industry; Provide accurate information to allow industry workflows to be documents; determined the data requirements to share this information electronically, and develop the new messages and modify existing messages to share the required data. 

To join the Emerging Technologies Data Standards Committee, fill out the following form here.

For more information about CIECA’s committees, visit this website or contact Paulette Reed at paulette@cieca.com 



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