SEM-thing Special: SEM’s 2K Urethane Chip Guard 

Designed to replicate OE textured chip guards on lower vehicle panels, SEM Products’ new 2K Urethane Chip Guard is said to deliver extensive texture variation with two-component technology to ensure maximum durability for impact and chemical resistance.

SEM’s new solution aims to reduce repair time, increase repair durability and deliver factory matched texture. Two-component systems are said to eliminate common one-component problems such as long flash times, pinholes, solvent trap, delamination and solubility. SEM’s shake-and-shoot system is designed to provide durability without sacrificing convenience. The product’s job-size package is also said to distribute the optimal amounts for one full rocker panel and help facilitate reimbursement from insurance companies.

SEM’s 2K Urethane Chip Guard aims to allow technicians to reduce repair times by rapidly duplicating an array of difficult-to-match textures including those found on Impalas, Tundras and 2019 Silverados. For these common and heavy chip guards, SEM developed the 2K Urethane Chip Guard Applicator, a specially designed schutz gun with a custom tip. The applicator connects directly to the shake-and-shoot bottle and is said to produce a smaller, more controlled pattern, resulting in less waste.

SEM’s 2K Urethane Chip Guard is said to be a versatile product that can also be applied through any spray gun. To further assist technicians in matching difficult OEM textures, the TDS includes a Texture ID Guide with 16 common textures and detailed instructions to replicate each one.

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