Selling the Trades: Ontario to send skilled trades recruiters into high schools starting Sept. 2021

Toronto, Ontario – Ontario’s minister of labour, training and skills development has a bold new strategy for re-energizing the province’s economy, and the first step is bringing skilled trades recruitment right into Ontario high schools.

Barring potential COVID-19 disruptions, “I’m sending dozens of recruiters into high schools across Ontario to compete against universities to get kids to go into the trades,” said Minister Monte McNaughton.

This comes as part of what the Ontario government considers to be their “ambitious agenda to build infrastructure right across the province, whether it’s broadband, natural gas expansion, transit projects and hospitals, and we need a skilled workforce to build all of this,” said McNaughton.

A main talking point of the government in favour of skilled trades development touts the benefits and wages of many skilled trades workers.

“I want kids to know there are 144 different trades to choose from, and you can make six figures and earn a pension and get benefits, and in many cases, you can be your own boss,” said McNaughton.

At the moment, one in three skilled tradespeople is over the age of 55.

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