Saving Your Glass: Ford drops tips on repairing ADAS-connected windshields

Toronto, Ontario — Ford has provided a little bit of clarity to all the glass repair technicians out there, as the OEM dropped some helpful tips on how to keep a Ford Lane Keeping System, and defrost heater, in good working order.

Featured throughout the past year in the automaker’s “On Target” newsletter, Ford has been working to keep glass technicians informed off all the different systems hidden within the vehicle’s windshield.

Among two of the more overlooked systems are the Lane Keeping System (LKS) and the defrost heater, both of which interact directly with the vehicle’s windshield on several Ford models, including the F-150 Raptor.

In the case of the Raptor, the defrosting heating element can only be serviced by removing the windshield entirely. Therefore glass repairers must verify the integrity of the wiring and connections housed within the windshield before and after completing any sort of glass repair.

Improper treatment of windshield-based systems can cause a vehicle’s LKS to misidentify or miss lane markings entirely.

A faulty LKS can also be caused by environmental factors such as a dirty windshield or standing water obscuring road markers, such as in heavy rains or flooding.


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