SATA Canada officially launched

Left: John Turner and Yunus Tak of SATA Canada with some of the company's equipment. Right: A view of part of the new Canadian headquarters for the company.

By Mike Davey

Toronto, Ontario — January 3, 2017 — SATA Canada is now officially open for business. Products from the well-known spray gun manufacturer have long been available in this country, but the opening of SATA Canada marks a new era in how the company will service its products for Canadian customers. 

“One of the things that was lacking was the service for our products,” said John Turner, General Manager for SATA Canada in a recent interview with Collision Repair magazine. “We’re making a significant change to that now. Our goal is to help anyone and everyone who has a SATA product.”

Turner noted that the company’s new Canadian headquarters will include a service facility right in the building, with the goal of turning any product around within a 24-hour period.

“That’s the tool of the trade, and if you don’t have your gun in your hand, how do you work? If we can’t turn a service around within 24 hours, we’ll loan you something to keep you up and running,” said Turner.

The new headquarters of SATA Canada is in Vaughan, Ontario. The community is very near to Toronto, a city that is both a national and international hub.

“We’re now located very near to the largest part of the population, which allow us to reach customers more efficiently,” said Turner. “When product would land in Toronto or Montreal, it would then have to be shipped to Calgary. Our location in the GTA is more cost effective and it allows us to ship in a more timely fashion. The efficiency of shipping from this location is much better.” 

SATA Canada’s facility occupies a total of 15,000 sq. ft., with offices in front and the warehouse in the back. There is a training centre currently under construction. The goal is to have the training centre completed by the end of February. Turner says the company plans to offer extensive training opportunities in the near future.

“The training program we’re putting together will run from the compressor through to filtration and the final product, and also cover hazardous materials, how to keep yourself safe while you’re working in the booth, how to make sure you’ve got the proper ventilation, how to maintain your spray gun and much more,” he said. “It will be a more comprehensive training program than anything that’s currently available.”

For more information on SATA Canada, please visit

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