Saskatchewan focuses on winter driving offences in November

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Regina, Saskatchewan — December 22, 2015 — Saskatchewan General Insurance reports that police issued 190 tickets related to winter driving offences during November’s province-wide traffic safety spotlight on safe winter driving.

Drivers received the following tickets:

– 41 tickets for driving at a speed greater than reasonable and safe

– 15 tickets for driving with an obstructed windshield or window

– 134 tickets for exceeding 60 km/h when passing emergency vehicles/highway equipment/tow trucks with lights flashing.

There were also 4,517 tickets for speeding/aggressive driving, 382 tickets for distracted driving (301 of those for cellphone use), 354 occupant restraint tickets, and 296 offences related to impaired driving during the month.

For more information, please visit sgi.sk.ca.


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