Salutations, Sean: Titanium Tools and Equipment welcomes Sean Skoropat as new sales rep for Western Canada

Victoria, British Columbia— Join Titanium Tools and Equipment in welcoming a new technical sales rep to the team, as Sean Skoropat will now head up several key accounts in the company’s western market.

In his new role, Skoropat will represent Celette, Pro Spot, Wielander & Schill, Miracle System, Induction Innovations, WRD Auto Glass, Shinano, DJS Fabrications, and Dent Fix in Titanium’s Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia markets.

Prior to joining up with Titanium, Skoropat spent much of his career training various welding techniques to body shops around Canada, including squeeze-type resistance welding, aluminum pulse MIG welding, silicon bronze brazing, aluminum/steel panel repair, plastic welding, in addition to 3D measuring for XYZ plotting.

Skoropat says he follows a specific mantra he heard from a customer many years ago that helps him deliver consistent results and maintain strong relationships.

“‘It is easy to sell the equipment; however, the after-sales service is how you are measured and whether we will purchase from you/your company again,’” he said.

“In reading the statement it seems obvious, however the reality is often not the case. Intentions are good but to make this happen you need a team, a structure and the right corporate attitude to deliver the promises made at the time of the sale. After meeting with Titanium I knew our values aligned and they had in place what was needed to deliver a high level of after sales service and support.”


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