S-U-VANDALISM: SUVs targeted by activists, tires deflated in environmental crimes

Kitchener, Ontario — In a bizarre act of so-called justice, environmental activists in Kitchener have claimed responsibility after deflating tires of over 30 SUVs. Admissions from the group come after Waterloo police received more than 30 calls of property damage overnight Sunday.

The damage comes from parked SUVs within the Glasgow Heights and Stanley Park districts of Kitchener. Suspects left notes on the windshields of vandalized vehicles. The notes read, “Your gas guzzler kills,” reported police.

The incidents occurred after midnight on Sunday, July 17th. The tires were deflated with a device that allowed them to lose air over the course of the early morning hours.

A group identified as “Tyre Extinguishers” emailed CTV News to claim responsibility for the tire deflations across the region.

They cited environmental concerns and advocated for the ban of SUVs from urban areas, calling the vehicles in question, “climate disasters.”

“We’re taking this action because governments and politicians have failed to protect us from these huge vehicles. Everyone hates them, apart from the people who drive them,” the email reads. “We want to live in towns and cities with clean air and safe streets. Politely asking and protesting about these things has failed. It’s time for action.”

Despite being aware of the inconvenience and waste the deflations will cause, the group does not feel their actions are unjustified.

“We know people will be frustrated, upset, and/or very angry at us. Unfortunately, we do not have any time to waste reducing our emissions. The people whose tires we have deflated will be inconvenienced, but ultimately, will be able to get around by using public transit, walking, or cycling like so many other residents of the Waterloo Region do,” said the group.

The emails have not yet been verified to be from the perpetrators of the crime. However,  Waterloo police has confirmed that they are investigating over 30 incidents regarding deflation of tires, although no other damage was found on the vehicles.

“We do find this rather concerning, especially with the messages… left on the vehicles,” said Andre Johnson of Waterloo Regional Police Service.

“These vehicles were targeted specifically, which is a cause for concern as well,” said Johnson.

Police are asking for the public’s help in the investigation, urging residents in Maple Hill Drive, Silvercrest Drive, Stonehaven Drive, and Craigstown Place areas to review potential evidence/footage. If video footage is available, residents are asked to evidence upload online via the Waterloo Regional Police Services website.


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  1. So let’s send a message about the environment by sending 30+ gas-guzzling tow trucks out to re-inflate tires all morning. Gotta love left-wing logic.

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