Roving a risky yet worthwhile calling for Calgary tower

By CTAR Staff

Calgary, Alberta — December 27, 2013 –– Tow trucking is a high-risk profession under normal circumstances, let alone during treacherous wintertime disasters that dump huge quantities of snow on the ground in cities such as Calgary, or more recently the environmentally traumatic ice-storms that left many across Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces without power. In times like these, towers come to the forefront of relief efforts, helping to remove stranded vehicles from roadsides and getting motorists back on their way. But while towers like Calgary’s Yves Frenette actively rove the city looking for motorists in need, he’s also putting himself at risk.

Frenette works as a rover in the city-wide program that services four of Calgary’s major roads, including Deerfoot Trail, Glenmore Trail, Crowchild Trail and Memorial Drive. As a rover he and others working inside the program aim to clear away the scenes of minor collisions to ease congestion and assure the safety of the drivers.

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