Road Trip Reminders: Michelin poll finds that 40 percent of Canadians planning winter road trip

Laval, Québec — Canadians are looking forward to taking a road trip this winter, according to a new poll from Michelin, but professional race car driver and Michelin driving expert Carl Nadeau wants to make sure drivers know what to expect on snowy roads this season.

According to Michelin’s poll, 40 percent of Canadians reported that they were looking forward to a winter road trip this year, along with 29 percent who said they were looking forward to visiting far away friends during the winter.

Nadeau has provided a number of tips to ensure that drivers are as safe as possible when venturing out to visit loved ones.

By mid-November last year, only 43 percent of Canadians had installed their winter tires, according to Michelin’s press release. Nadeau wants to remind drivers not to wait until the snow has already fallen to switch out their tires, but to already have their winter tires on as temperatures approach freezing.

The poll also found that, in general, 61 percent of Canadians don’t trust other drivers, but when the winter weather hits 37 percent of drivers get nervous when driving on ice and snow.

“The cold, ice and snow paired with the nervousness of winter driving, makes it less enjoyable to get outside and enjoy road trips or visit friends and family,” said Nadeau. 

“Preparing your vehicle as soon as the temperature begins to drop with the right winter tires and a safety kit will help give you the confidence to be on the road, no matter the weather conditions.”


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