Return Customer: B.C. woman steals car, crashes it three times amid pursuit

Vancouver, British Columbia ⁠— Third time’s the charm, they say⁠—and that was absolutely the case for RCMP in British Columbia last weekend following a wild pursuit.

RCMP in British Columbia arrested a woman last Saturday, Nov. 6 after she stole a car and proceeded to crash it three times before being caught.

Police initially received reports of a woman breaking into a home and stealing a vehicle the morning of Saturday, Nov. 6. The suspect later got in a collision with the stolen car, striking another vehicle and sending the driver to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect then continued on to Penticton, B.C., where she collided with another vehicle in the parking lot. Police later apprehended the woman after she crashed a third time, this time driving into a rock wall. Climbing was not an option.

The driver had also attempted to evade police by driving over a curb and through a garden before fleeing on foot and being tackled by an attending officer.


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