Results of shop type survey, next survey looks at scanning habits

This chart shows a breakdown of the 'ecosystem' among our survey respondents.

Peterborough, Ontario — December 6, 2016 — The results of our first survey are in! Last week, Collision Repair magazine introduced a new weekly survey to help provide you with a snapshot of various aspects of the autobody business and the larger automotive claims economy.

Every Wednesday, we’ll bring you a fresh survey, along with the results and analysis from the previous survey.

The first survey looks at what sector of the auto claims economy people are employed, and to help determine something about the shop landscape. Our next survey is on pre- and post-repair scanning. You can fill it out here. As usual with our surveys, there are only two multiple choice questions. Filling it out should take less than two minutes and your responses are completely anonymous. Read on for results from last week’s survey below.

Our first question in last week’s survey was “Collision Repair magazine is read throughout the entire automotive claims economy. Where do you fit into the ecosystem?”

Unsurprisingly, most of the respondents to this question are shop owners (45 percent) with shop managers (11 percent) coming in second. The “Other” category also clocked in around 10 percent, mostly from the OEMs. Distributors had the next strongest representation in the survey, with 8 percent. Technicians and other production staff, shop office staff and insurers scored about 6 percent each. Manufacturers followed slightly at 5 percent Collision repair organization executives were the least represented in the survey results, at just 3 percent of respondents indicating that this was their role.

Next, we asked those who indicated they worked in a collision shop to indicate their shop type. Note that only the respondents who indicated they were actively employed directly in collision repair were shown this question.

Chart showing survey respondents by body shop type.

Respondents to this question indicated in 32 percent of cases that they either owned or were employed at an independently owned single location. A further 12 percent indicated that their business or employer was a small chain composed of 10 shops or fewer. The national networks, banners and chains netted 40 percent of the results. Dealership shops made up the rest at 16 percent.

Please click here to access our current survey on pre- and post-repair scanning.


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