Halifax’s Jeff Farwell, CEO of All EV Canada, recently acquired the dealership Pure EV, with plans on expanding further across Canada. “We want to own the used vehicle market from the point of view of being able to offer affordable options for electric vehicles,” said Farwell.

On Tuesday, Farwell announced that his company is expanding and has merged with Charlottetown’s used electric dealership, Pure EV, which is now renamed All EV Canada Former CEO of Pure EV, Mike Kenny has decided to remain with the company, in sales as well as a shareholder. Kenny started Pure EV in August of 2019. All EV Canada is now looking to expand into New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario; however, no locations have been chosen yet, according to Farwell.

“We want to own the used vehicle market from the point of view of being able to offer affordable options for electric vehicles.” — Jeff Farwell


CSN Chapman West Bedford, a well-oiled collision repair centre, received their Tesla certification last week—becoming the first shop in all of Nova Scotia and second in Atlantic Canada to do so.

“Our shop sought out Tesla certification because of the grown demand of more fuel-efficient vehicles, I thought that it would be an obvious choice to seek out their certification as the brand gets more and more popular,” explained Kelvin Campbell, owner of CSN Chapman West Bedford.

“And since CSN Chapman is already Porsche and BMW certified, the basic infrastructure was already in place, Tesla certification just made sense,” he continued. When the shop got its BMW certification, it was the first and only collision repair centre in Atlantic Canada to be authorized to perform aluminum structural repairs on the automakers’ vehicles.

“As far as an investment standpoint,” said Campbell, “the cost was minimal and the initial investment into doing aluminum and so forth was there from the BMW certification and so the whole process was made fairly easy—with the exception of all the tedious online training that was required.”

For future operations, Campbell believes that since many CSN Chapman West Bedford customers are dealing with mostly European and high-end side of the industry, a Tesla is now a possible option for them because there is now a local source to get their cars repaired. It has allowed Campbell to retain the customers he has, and hopefully gain more.

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