Recycler’s Rebuke: ARA critical of Subaru ban on recycled parts, ‘stifles competition’

Toronto, Ontario — The Automotive Recyclers Association has some strong words for Subaru after the Japanese automaker dropped a ban on repairing their vehicles with recycled parts, earlier in August.

Representing 4,500 auto recycling facilities worldwide, ARA contends that alternative parts are “safe and economical”, and that Subaru’s recent decisions on the matter put further strain on an industry in dire need of replacement parts.

“Auto manufacturers have become more aggressive in their efforts to force ROE-Recycled Original Equipment® and aftermarket parts out of the market,” said ARA executive director Sandy Blalock in a statement.

“These statements and tactics stifle competition, greatly increase costs to consumers and in turn, can result in more repairable vehicles being considered uneconomical to repair. Manufacturer repair restrictions have become such a significant issue that both the Biden Administration and FTC have taken unambiguous steps to increase anti-trust and consumer protection enforcement against manufacturer repair restrictions.”

When asked about recent moves from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that seem to promote the issue of Right to Repair, ARA representatives say that they consider the two issues unrelated.

“Subaru’s position statement has nothing to do with Right to Repair.  Subaru owners and independent repair shops are free and have a right to repair any vehicle with any parts they choose. Our statement simply reflects that Subaru of America cannot ensure the quality or compatibility of any parts other than Subaru Genuine Parts.”

ARA’s incoming president, Marty Hollingshead, pointed out that  “Subaru recycled original equipment parts are the very same parts manufactured by Subaru and that Subaru recycled original equipment parts have a long history of being utilized in vehicle repairs.”

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  1. The fact is Subaru cannot verify the condition of an ROE part, it is solely up to the repairer to verify its condition, in which I feel the collision industry does a descent job of handling. Based on conversations within industry here in Alberta, it would seem Subaru would need to step up the availability of their OE part supply to the collision industry if they wish to have them implemented in repairs more frequently.

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