Recycler Relief: Car-Part.com launches pandemic support initiatives

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Car-Part.com is offering several relief initiatives to the industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including 10 percent off service fees for parts suppliers and free upgrades to certain Car-Part.com products and services.

During the months of April, May and June 2020, Car-Part.com⁠—an online marketplace for used automotive parts⁠—will be offering suppliers a 10 percent discount on service fees. The company will also allow suppliers to place their accounts on hold and remove listings from the Car-Part.com marketplace for up to 90 days. 

Any accounts may be reinstated at any point during those 90 days.

“We realize the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in hardship for many of our customers,” said Jeff and Roger Schroder, founder and vice president of Car-Part.com, respectively. 

Further, Car-Part.com is providing its current auto recycling customers with free upgrades to certain products and services for a limited time⁠— “to assist in maximizing your parts sales opportunities and operational efficiency using existing vehicles, parts an people.”

Interested facilities should contact their Car-Part.com sales rep for more information. 

Car-Part.com also wants to remind recyclers that it is still offering access to its online training webinars.

“The current situation may provide an opportunity for you to catch up on training opportunities that you haven’t had time for yet,” said the company. “Our online training resources are available at http://products.car-part.com/webinars. If you are interested in training on tools or services that are not currently listed there, please contact your Car-Part sales or support rep.”

The company has “decided not to reduce [its] workforce at this time” and its staff continues to work remotely. Instead, it has made “significant investments in equipment and technology” so it may continue to provide support to facilities while its teams work remotely.

“Our goal is to continue providing the industry-leading tools, training, and support that you need to maximize sales and efficiency during this difficult period.”

The company has the backs of its Canadian counterparts in this difficult time and has donated $10,000 to an Automotive Recyclers of Canada relief fund, representing a $5,000 initial donation and up to an additional $5,000 matching donations from others.   

Car-Part.com is also donating up to $30,000 to an Automotive Recyclers Association COVID-19 relief fund⁠—a $10,000 initial donation, and up to an additional $20,000 matching donations from others.  

“We are committed to supporting our customers, employees, and communities,” said Jeff and Roger Schroder. “We will continue monitoring the guidance provided by public health officials and governmental agencies, so we can be the best partner in finding solutions to problems arising from COVID-19.”

“We will also strive to update you promptly with any updates to our relief initiatives. To follow future updates, visit our website at Car-Part.com or follow us on social media. We invite you to use the hashtag #RecyclersCare to join the conversation and share how you are helping in your community.”


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