Record360 launches property inspection and asset condition reporting app

Record360 launches property inspection and asset condition reporting app

Seattle, Washington — May 19, 2015

Record360 has announced the launch of its patent-pending property inspection and asset condition reporting dashboard and mobile app.

Founded by two rental executives with over three decades of experience, the app aims to simplify and automate the way companies manage asset condition reporting, protecting customers against liability and/or additional fees for damage they did not cause when renting out equipment, vehicles, property and other gear.

Record360 services customers in a variety of industries, including equipment rentals, property management, dealerships, auto/body shops, transportation, and any others that require the tracking of assets, property, project and production milestones, and inventory. The company counts Able Freight, Quixote, Zipcar, Penske Jaguar Land Rover, and Road Machinery among their clientele.

The app is designed to provide high quality, time-stamped, geo-tagged records of property at the time of exchange when renting, sharing or documenting, and is capable of capturing video, images, highlights and necessary annotations to document the condition of an asset. The company says asset condition records can be captured or accessed by individuals or entire teams from anywhere via tablet or smartphone.

“We have been using Record360 to document customer vehicles and virtually eliminated the problem of customers claiming damage while their vehicles are in for repair, and are seeing real savings in damage claims,” says Todd Primo, service manager, Penske Jaguar Land Rover. “Record360 has become an integral part of our process and is appreciated by both our staff and our customers.”

Road Machinery’s Rental Business Manager, Jamie Carson, echoes Primo’s sentiments, noting that the ongoing issue for his company — which offers rental of heavy equipment including bulldozers, excavators, and loaders across three US states — is missed or disputed damage during the rental process.

“With Record360 we get proven documentation of equipment condition, time-stamped and verified with the customer. This saves us significant time and money and avoids needless disputes,” Carson says. “Attachment accountability in construction equipment rental can also be challenging. Record360 simplified and streamlined this process for our team.”

The company says a featured enterprise dashboard offers customers customizable workflow across a broad range of use cases, with adaptable architecture and data stored in the cloud.

Enterprise features include:

• Customizable for a variety of business applications, processes, and industries
• Ability to manage all users and locations with a single web dashboard for real-time transparency
• Implementable in single or multiple locations
• Multiple data points available for reporting, analysis, and workflow efficiencies
• Custom notes/set up one-tap using your custom terms/language for damage and flaws
• Accurate VIN scanning, automatic capture of extended vehicle specifications

“Billions are lost each year in damages missed during the exchange of property, vehicles and equipment, while countless damage disputes impact relationships, customer satisfaction, and cause negative press,” says Record360 CEO Shane Skinner. “Asset condition and claims management processes dependent on paper or low-fidelity digital reporting are clearly outdated and Record360 fills the gap with a modern solution.”

Record360 is now available as a free iOS and Android application, supported on iOS v7.0+, and on Samsung Tab 4, Samsung Tab Pro, Google Nexus Tablet, and most Android 4.4+ devices. Samsung Galaxy S support is pending.

For more information, please visit record360.com


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