Record360 launches new claims management platform

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Seattle, Washington — June 28, 2016 — Record360 has officially released its new claims management platform. According to a statement from the company, the addition of the platform will allow for a more seamless integration of Record360’s photo and video vehicle condition capture capabilities with the necessary work that follows damage claims.

A statement from the company says the update is a result of customer feedback requesting a user-friendly way to take existing condition review records and pass them through the claims process. Record360 says the new claims management platform offers several key features claims managers need to expedite the claims process, including:

• Claims Diary: Managers can keep a diary of everyone contacted during the claims process, and the outcome of those conversations.

• File Attachments: Claims processors can attach rental forms, claims forms, diminished use reports or other documentation, and make them accessible to anyone within their organization by email or download.

• Easy Usability: An overhaul of the software’s file access, transaction emails and notation system were performed to allow for a streamlined user experience.

The platform’s test launch with select customers has already shown promising results, according the company. Shane Skinner is the founder and CEO of Record360. He says the testing phase was deliberately conducted with high-volume facilities.

“We made a point of testing the platform with some of our highest transaction-volume customers to see if it would save them claims processing time, improve subrogation results and effectively remove paper from their processes,” says Skinner. “We were excited to receive consistent feedback that this was definitely an improvement versus their previous processes, and made the experience far less of a headache.”

For more information, please visit record360.com.


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