Raising the Bar: Mazda announces exterior upgrades on 2022 CX-5, reflective body and gloss black finishes

Toronto, Ontario — Mazda’s CX-5 is getting a makeover in it’s 2022 model year, as the automaker’s popular crossover is due for updated exterior design and new interior features, according to a press release from Tuesday.

With Nappa leather and genuine wood grain additions to the interior, Mazda appears to be positioning the new model CX-5 as a flagship vehicle.

According to Mazda’s announcement, “designers focused on refining the front and rear ends, opting to minimize character lines in favor of reflective body surfaces that create a distinguished and elegant appearance.”

As well, the new Sport Appearance Package will feature gloss black exterior finishes, paired with red accents and stitching on the interior.

The 2022 CX-5 will also make use of Mazda’s proprietary i-Activ AWD system throughout its entire lineup.


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