Puzzling Panels: Cybertruck experiences design critiques before launch date

Toronto, Ontario — The Wall Street Journal has released a report critiquing Tesla’s Cybertruck’s manufacturing before the vehicle’s official launch.

Expected to be launched on November 30, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body has been difficult to work with—especially when it comes to the vehicle’s fit and finish.

The Cybertruck is the first vehicle to be made out of stainless steel since the DeLorean was produced in the 80s, and like the DeLorean, Tesla’s vehicle is experiencing similar issues concerning panel alignment.

Citing individuals who had worked on the Cybertruck during early manufacturing, the report indicated that the vehicle’s stainless steel body has been difficult to shape into panels without creating gaps or alignment issues.

This difficulty is in part due to the fact that the stainless steel used to make the Cybertruck is made in coils that “resemble giant rolls of toilet paper,” and as a result, are prone to curving and attempting to resume a rounded shape even after being flattened.

The use of stainless steel is part of Elon Musk’s plans to create a “tough truck” that would be capable of surviving an apocalypse.

Despite the enthusiasm for Musk’s vision, some Tesla fans have already taken to criticizing the design of the Cybertruck, including the vehicle’s enormous windshield wiper and finger-print-smudged doors.

While one benefit of stainless steel is that the material has a high endurance rate, it is less malleable and more expensive than more conventional materials like aluminum.

On top of manufacturing critiques, Tesla fans have also noted that the vehicle will be relatively high maintenance when it comes to cleaning and polishing.

Pictures recently shared on the Cybertruck subreddit show an employee polishing the vehicle with a product called ‘Cyber Shield.’

However, some consumers suggest that owners may need to go as far as sanding off the top layer of metal on the truck in order to remove stains that arise from organic debris.

Regardless of these potential issues, many consumers remain excited about the Cybertruck launch and are looking forward to getting their hands on the potentially limited supply run.




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