Pug-Powered: Pug tow truck from Highway Thru Hell used to shift 850-tonne Coast Guard ship

Victoria, British Columbia – A heavy-duty tow truck, well-known to fans of the hit reality TV show Highway Thru Hell as HR126 or Pug, was called in to help in the repairs of an 850-tonne Canadian Coast Guard ship.

The job; to shift the vessel from the turntable, where it had been undergoing repairs to the launch carriage.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the rig arrived at Point Hope Maritime Shipyard in Victoria that they realized that one of its two winches wasn’t working.

“We had to work very creatively to complete that job,” said Don Affleck, Pug’s latest owner. 

“That job required well over 35,000, probably 40,000 pounds worth of pull and we only had 25,000 to work with.”

All-in-all, Affleck and his team were able to get the job done without having to resort to a second truck.


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