Proper Names: Updates to Mitchell software to include EV-specific language for damage assessments

San Diego, California — Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent and technicians need software that can keep up; to that end, Mitchell has announced upgrades to its cloud estimating software that the company says will “simplify the collision damage appraisal process for battery electric vehicles (EVs).”

Chief among the updates to the platform is the addition of EV-specific language, where previously technicians would have to write EV damage assessments using similar internal combustion engine (ICE) parts as placeholders, the Mitchell Cloud Estimating software now puts assessments into terms that are accurate to the needs of an EV.

Mitchell outlined the specific features to be added to its platform in the company’s press release from Tuesday:

  • Vehicle Types – Once the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is decoded, Mitchell Cloud Estimating automatically updates the user interface, making it specific to BEVs instead of ICE-powered passenger, commercial and specialty vehicles.
  • Part Categories – New part categories dynamically surface the relevant parts data in a way that specifically relates to EVs.
  • Data Organization –EV data is now consistently organized, helping appraisers easily locate the information needed to complete the estimate.
  • Qualifiers – Mitchell has established industry-standard definitions for EV battery capacity and motor size that appear on the vehicle selection screen and under the vehicle description detail on the printed estimate.

“Gas prices are accelerating EV adoption and driving one in four Americans to say that they will likely buy an EV the next time they purchase an automobile. This makes having a damage appraisal platform that can support these vehicles critical,” said executive v-p and general manager of Mitchell’s auto physical damage division, Debbie Day.

“Mitchell continues to lead the industry in the development of ground-breaking technology that streamlines the automotive claims process and supports the safe return of both EV and ICE vehicle owners to the road.”

The updates to Mitchell’s cloud estimating software are patent-pending and are expected to be released later this year.


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