Progi launches estimate scheduling tool ProgiSync

Trois-Rivières, Quebec — December 3, 2013 — Progi.com is launching ProgiSync, a new web application the company says is designed to help insurance companies and repair facilities manage estimate appointment bookings.

“Our scheduling tool is the first solid option in the Canadian market right now and, so far, feedback is overwhelmingly positive.” says Diane Chaîné, Progi president. “We are very excited about the rollout.”
ProgiSync for insurers includes a supplier search engine and map locating. From the first notice of loss, claims representatives can easily find a repair facility near the customer’s location, while custom search options help target DRP partners. The selected repairer’s availabilities are displayed and an appointment can be booked immediately online. When a catastrophe occurs, such as hail storms, ProgiSync can accommodate insurers’ appointments at emergency centres, with queue management and reassignment capabilities for smooth processing.
A statement from the company says ProgiSync for suppliers enables repair facilities to take their appointment book to the next level. ProgiSync allows multiple appraisers to set individual schedules on the repair centre’s calendar.
Estimate appointments can be:
• Added directly by the appraiser using the web application.
• Scheduled by the claim representative using ProgiSync for insurers.
• Booked on the repair facility’s website by the vehicle owner.
ProgiSync for insurers and for suppliers has integrated appointment follow-ups, confirmations and reminders for the vehicle owner, keeping all interested parties informed throughout the process. The extensive set of start-up features and scalable service cost make it an interesting choice for businesses big and small.
The company says ProgiSync enhances the client experience by enabling businesses to facilitate the first contact with clients.

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