Product Report: Polyvance releases UV Quick Patch

Rainsville, Alabama — Earlier this week. Polyvance unveiled its newest product technology with the UV Quick Patch.

Polyvance’s new 2044-3 UV Fast Patch is a self-adhesive patch that cures quickly when exposed to UV light, forming a tough, fibre-reinforced patch that will create a long-lasting, temporary, or even permanent, repair. UV Fast Patch will stick to virtually any rigid substrate, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, or fibreglass, says the company.

UV Fast Patch is packaged in a sealed aluminum foil pouch to protect it from UV light exposure. The patch is 4.5 in. X 6 in., so it can cover small to medium-sized damage. The patch can be cut with a knife or scissors to customize its size to fit the job.  To use the product, the outer film is peeled off to expose the self-adhesive surface, which is quickly applied to the surface to be repaired. The patch is soft and pliable and readily conforms to the shape of the surface. But after exposure to UV light, it quickly becomes rigid, creating a tough and durable repair.

UV Fast Patch can be used for quick repairs in the automotive, heavy truck, marine, or industrial applications. It is available from Polyvance directly or through automotive paint & body distributors. Go to www.polyvance.com or call 800-633-3047 for more information.


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