Product Report: EZ Roller and EZ Roller-Spinner

Atlanta, Georgia — After an exciting weekend showing it off at the Northeast Tradeshow in New Jersey, EZ Universal Wheels is excited to officially unveil the EZ Roller and EZ Roller-Spinner, for use by repair shops and tow operators.

The two products, the latter of which won a SEMA award this year for best new product in the tool and equipment category, are designed to make it easier to move vehicles that are locked in park or have lost power around the shop.

EZ Universal Wheels CEO Tom Morris said of the award-winning EZ Roller-Spinner, “It’s a two-in-one product. We have loaded, on the interior side of the wheel, a ring that serves as a flange. When we remove the bolts that hold the steel centre to the plastic frame, it creates a free-spinning wheel. That spinner ring is what keeps it in that channel. In other words, the wheel cannot slide back into the hub; it’s stopped by the ring.

“It’s an application that bolts onto a vehicle’s hub and when it’s ready, the user can just push it by hand. You can move it from the outside to the inside of the shop. You can move it around from within the shop—whatever the case may be,” said Morris.

Morris said that the product is also highly useful for tow operators, who often struggle with winching vehicles that are locked in park up and down flatbeds without causing further damage.

For more information, visit ez-universalwheels.com or email sales@ezsparewheel.com.


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