Precious Paint: Infiniti unveils limited edition Black Opal Metallic paint for 2023 Q50

Toronto, Ontario — The black opal, one of Oceania’s rarest and most stunning gems, will now grace Infiniti showrooms in Canada as the luxury automaker announced that Black Opal Metallic paint will be offered on 2023 Q50 Red Sport ProACTIVE models for a limited time.

Infiniti says Black Opal aims to emulate the iridescent, colour-changing features of elements of nature, like peacocks, butterflies and precious minerals.

“This new trim features striking Black Opal Metallic paint that shimmers and shifts between blue, green and purple hues depending on lighting and viewing angle,” Infiniti wrote in its press release.

“The unique paint renders the sport sedan even more eye-catching as it appears to change colours from one moment to the next. Moreover, automotive enthusiasts will recognize the colour-shifting hue as one of the most iconic and legendary paint colours from Japanese supercar history: Midnight Purple.”

The Black Opal edition of the Q50 also sports a satin black exterior logo and badge, as well as a rear carbon fibre spoiler.

This paint option will be made available to Canadian customers on a limited time basis, according to Infiniti, so any qualified refinishers who want to get some experience with Black Opal will need to keep a sharp eye out for the few models that may be rolling around your area.


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