PPG Enters Overtime: NHL extends puck deal

Toronto, Ontario — October 10, 2019 — PPG will remain the official paint provider of the NHL. In what can only be described as a slapshot in the face of the paint company’s competitors, the NHL have announced that the existing contract between the two brands has been extended for three more years.

The contract, which was first signed in 2017, stipulates that all game pucks used in the 2019-2020 NHL season will make use of PPG’s color-changing thermochromic coating. The coating goes from purple to clear should the temperature of the puck rise above freezing. A ‘hot puck’ is seen as less predictable than a frozen one, and so a clear one provides a clear indication that a change in puck is needed.

The special coating was developed by PPG in partnership with Dulux, Sico, Glidden and Olympic Stains. It remains to be seen if an automotive variation of this technology could one day be available to OEMs.

“We’re proud to continue combining the power of the NHL with PPG and its well-known consumer paint brands, including ,” said PPG vp Bryan Iams. “Through the extended partnership, PPG will continue to identify ways to integrate its game-changing technologies into hockey and continue to build upon our partnerships with the NHL.”

“Integrating thermochromic coating pucks in all NHL games is a testament to PPG, LCR and QCR’s innovative technology,” said NHL group president Evin Dobson.

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