PPG PaintManager extends network capability with Internet updates

Mississauga, Ontario — April 3, 2014 — PPG Automotive Refinish’s PaintManager software is a network-capable colour management system that PPG says is designed to help managers and technicians manage the quality, productivity and profitability of their refinish paint mixing operations. 

PaintManager software uses Internet connectivity to combine the accuracy and efficiency of computerized colour formula retrieval with comprehensive reporting and tracking features.   
A key user milestone has been reached as more than 10,000 customers worldwide—collision centres, distributors and dealerships—have now discovered that the PaintManager software capabilities, including updated colour formulas and program enhancements, make it easier to stay on top of paint shop operations and keep up with the latest OEM colour formulas, products and pricing.   
“We are aware of how important it is for shop technicians and managers to have access to up-to-date colour formulas and PaintManager is an excellent way to ensure a flow of the latest relevant information,” said Mary Kimbro, PPG global colour director. “This is the most advanced colour retrieval system in use today. For technicians, PaintManager offers the ability to quickly locate a vehicle colour. And for collision centre owners and managers, it provides an array of reports that monitor paint operation job costs, material usage, mixing efficiency, inventory and much more. PaintManager is one more tool we’re proud to offer to our customers and is a key part of our overall commitment to help them be as successful as possible.” 
The PaintManager software program features and capabilities provide greater opportunities for collision centre productivity: 
– The PaintManager software downloads monthly colour formula updates to a customer’s computer, eliminating the need for time-consuming CD installation and making it easier to keep up with critical information. The user can select day and time of download to avoid interference with shop operations. 
– More than 40 reports are offered to help managers stay on top of paint operation job costs, material usage, mixing efficiency, inventory and much more. Using the Paint Shop Interface tool, key data – such as estimate information and labor hours – is transferred automatically. The collision centre can track all paint and materials against each repair order, making it easier to evaluate product usage and financial performance. 
– Technical support can be directed to the mixing room computer. With PaintManager software’s secure two-way communication interface with PPG, the HelpDesk specialist can remotely access the mixing room computer and provide real-time technical support.  
– PaintManager software interfaces seamlessly with PPG’s innovative RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer. New downloaded colour formulas carry accompanying reflectance data for the RapidMatch program software to deliver simplified colour matching for all refinish repairs.  
– New products such as toners, clears, primers and other ancillaries are delivered earlier and distributed as soon as they are available. There is no need to wait for the next CD release.
– PaintManager software system enhancements—including the RapidMatch software workflow, the Paint Shop Interface program and the Internet Update utility itself—are provided more frequently to ensure all functions are current.  
– As information is sent to the user via PaintManager software, PPG downloads the user’s mix information. Collected information focuses on the colour selection (variant or special) as well as product usage. This data helps PPG evaluate variant popularity for future colour chip tool production. 
- PaintManager software is compatible with PPG’s TouchMix computerized paint mixing hardware to retrieve the right formula quickly and mix the colour accurately. This powerful combination improves efficiency and profitability by reducing waste and the time required for remixes.   
For complete information about PPG’s PaintManager software, please visit ppgrefinish.com.

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