Porsche Paint Party: Porsche celebrates 75 years with colour-focused art series

Toronto, Ontario — A 75th birthday is no small celebration and deserves a gift befitting the milestone; Porsche is using its special day/year to walk down memory lane and revitalize some paint shades of the past in a series of new art pieces.

“For the 75th anniversary we looked back of course, but we also looked to the future,” said Jürgen Aigner, one of the lead creatives behind the Porsche 75 Years project.

“And we wanted to bring all this together, involving all of Porsche’s markets and subsidiaries, from the Museum and Exclusive Manufaktur to the international Porsche clubs and fans of the brand. So, for 2023 we rolled out the concept of ‘Driven by Dreams’, communicating our brand purpose as our motto.”

Known almost as much for their cars as they are for their style and image, the world-class artists at Porsche unveiled a series of six wallpaper designs each featuring a different historic Porsche model and paint colour.

Each image attempts to highlight unique bodylines and motifs that many Porsche fans would recognize, including a visual reference to the 996’s “fried egg” headlights.

Click here to view and download the images in full resolution.


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