Outlander Offerings: 2022 model will feature high-strength steel

Toronto, Ontario — Last month, Mitsubishi announced its 2022 model Outlander with ultra-high-strength steel parts.

According to Mitsubishi, the 2022 generation Outlander will feature this light but strong ultra-high-strength steel to save about 50 pounds.

“A cyclic structure was used to connect the engine compartment suspension members to the spring house and cowl top, and a cyclic structure was also used for the cabin windshield and from the rear door back-floor member to the rear pillar and roof,” Mitsubishi wrote in a press document.

“Adding a cyclic structure that is connected in three locations, one to the engine compartment and two around the cabin, increased the front body rigidity by 26% and the vehicle torsional rigidity by 33% over the previous model and contributed to significantly increasing the driving stability.”

In the same document, Mitsubishi presented a diagram that showed 1,470 megapascals on the vehicle’s door rings where the ultra-high-strength steel is used.

There will be other areas that will include ultra-high-strength steel as well like the A-, B- and hinge pillars, frame rails and part of the roof rails and the bumper beam.

In the event of a collision, six floor members under the body of the car are designed to disperse the impact.


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