Ontario updates standards for collision repair trades

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By Jeff Sanford

Toronto, Ontario — August 12, 2015 — The Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) has released updated training standards for the three trades concerned with collision repair.

The new standards are for Auto Body (310Q), Collision Repair (310B) and Automotive Painter (410N). Previously, the three trades were contained in one training standard, but OCOT has created separate log books for each of these trades. Apprentices who are registered on or after June 25, 2015 must be trained to the new standard.

“One of the College’s primary responsibilities is to modernize the skilled trades, and that includes updating industry standards to keep pace with technological advancements particular to that trade. These changes, which were completed in consultation with industry stakeholders, ensure that apprentices have access to the newest and most up-to-date standards,” according to a statement from OCOT. 

Some of the new changes include the following:

– Estimating Damage Repair. This was an optional skill, but now becomes mandatory.

– Paintless Dent Repair. This is included in the new training standard as an optional skill.

– Repair of Advanced Electronic Safety and Convenience Systems and Components. This is now included as an optional skill.

Copies of the updated training standards are available at collegeoftrades.ca/training-standards

“Including vehicle damage estimating as a mandatory skill and including new electronic skills are steps in the right direction to having shop techs and apprentices respond to advances in automotive technology ,” says John Norris of Collision Industry Information Assistance. “New apprentices will now be more valuable and more versatile in their skills to assist in shop repair activities and help move the industry to a higher level of competence in these skilled areas.”

For more information, please visit collegeoftrades.ca.


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