OE Only: Nebraska bill requires OEM parts for first three years of vehicle life

Lincoln, Nebraska — A new bill proposed in Nebraska, U.S. would ban insurers from requiring aftermarket parts on vehicles aged three years or newer at the time of the crash.

Legislative Bill 602 (LB602), entitled ‘Provide restrictions regarding insurance coverage and consumer care involving aftermarket parts for motor vehicles,’ would also bar careers from deviating from certain OEM procedures. 

“When consumer care provided to a motor vehicle relates to the repair of an original equipment manufacturer part, an insurer shall not require such consumer care to be completed in a manner which is contrary to the specifications of the manufacturer of the motor vehicle,” LB602 states.

However, a customer could override this if they had first received “a written notice of consumer care to be performed.”

Further, while LB602 would permit aftermarket parts after the vehicle exceeds 36 months in age, it would require the insurer to inform the vehicle owner of this possibility up front.


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