New Tesla catches on fire twice in one day

By CRM staff
Toronto, Ontario — December 21, 2018 — Tesla owners might want to be cautious of their vehicle after a brand new Tesla Model S combusted into flames twice in one day.
It all started when the driver noticed his tire pressure was low on his car so he took it to a repair shop. While inside the shop filling out some paperwork, he began to hear a hissing sound. When he walked outside his Tesla was in flames.
Fire crews responded and extinguished the blaze. It is speculated that the fire started from the battery overheating. 
According to the fire officials, the battery was still burning even after the flames were put out.
Soon after the fire was extinguished a tow truck arrived and took vehicle to it’s yard. It wasn’t until that night that the vehicle caught on fire again.
If this had been in the house, and we were on vacation, and this thing caught fire in the garage, the whole house could go under,” the owner of the Tesla said.
Tesla has responded to the fire in a statement: “We are currently investigating the matter and are in touch with local first responders. We are glad to hear that everyone is safe.”
But this isn’t the first we’re seeing of an incident like this. There had been a number of fires that have randomly broke out from the Tesla batteries a few years ago. Not to mention, just recently in June, actress Mary McCormack posted about her husband’s Tesla Model S catching on fire “out of the blue.”

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