OEM recommendations highlight importance of 3D measuring

Training on the Eclipse system. From left: Roger Turmel of AutoQuip, Richard Marsh of CSN-Brimell, John Martinolich of Wedge Clamp Systems and Wayne James of AutoQuip.

By Chris Gerics

Toronto, Ontario — April 25, 2016 — Today’s vehicles require a new level of precision and accuracy at every stage of the repair process. Accurate measuring is just as important as any other part of the repair. Poor measurements will inevitably lead to a decline in repair quality.

Richard Marsh is the General Manager of CSN-Brimell, located in Scarborough, Ontario. As part of the Brimell Group, the body shop often works on late-model vehicles sold by one of the attached dealerships. Marsh says the staff were recently trained on the Eclipse Electronic Measuring System, produced by Wedge Clamp. In an interview with Collision Repair magazine, Marsh discussed the need for the new system.

“First of all, the big thing is all the manufacturers are starting to recommend these types of diagnosis and the use of 3D measuring systems,” he says. “Honda has announced it’s a requirement in order to have Honda certification, that shops will have to be trained in the latest diagnostic methods. I think most manufacturers are going to move towards a full dimensional diagnosis done on every vehicle that is affected by a collision.”

The training was conducted by Roger Turmel and Wayne James of AutoQuip and John Martinolich of Wedge Clamp Systems. Martinolich confirms that Honda, and possibly other OEMs, are now looking to 3D measuring as one part of ensuring their vehicles are properly repaired. He also notes that it’s not just OEMs who want to see full 3D measuring, and that widespread adoption of the technology would benefit all parts of the auto claims economy.

“3D measuring is mandated by Honda and insurance companies want it to prove that cars are repaired properly,” he says. “It’s bringing a a new level of professionalism to the repair industry. Laser-based 3D measuring eliminates human error and precise, accurate measurements mean cars are repaired to the exact specifications provided by the OEM.”

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