New North American Face: Welcome Car-Rep Automotive to the NA market

Las Vegas, Nevada — Car-Rep Automotive, a brand of Maston Oy, Northern Europe’s leading spray paint manufacturer, introduces their 2K Spray Paint product line at this year’s SEMA360.

SEMA360 is Car-Rep’s first official outing before the official launch of their full line up of professional automotive products in North America.

Maston Oy is a partner with Wisespray international, the company behind creating the Wise 2K™ technology.

At this year’s virtual SEMA event, Car-Rep introduced themselves and their new Wise 2K™ product lineup of primers, primer fillers, top and clear coats. Auli Parviainen, the managing director of Wisespray North America is spearheading the launch of Maston’s brand Car-Rep into North America.

At SEMA360, Parviainen has allowed the attendees to witness the 2K technology spray paint in real-time by creating boardrooms with live streams. Maston’s team in Finland put together a live demo, which they will continue to deliver throughout the week at SEMA360.

Wise 2K™ technology has 2-component performance in an easy to use, 1-compartment spray can. No mixing, or activation required, the product is always ready to use with an unlimited pot life.

So how does this technology work? The unique solution of Wise 2K™ has both deactivated hardener and 2k binder in the same chamber and is always ready to use. When the product is sprayed, the hardener is activated instantly when it meets the moisture in the air. The second reaction occurs when the activated hardener and 2K binder crosslink causing a genuine 2-component reaction.

Wisespray’s head of Research and Development, Henk Van Der Net has also been conducting board rooms to discuss the technology of the Wise 2K™ products that Car-Part will be launching in January.

Car-Rep is also launching a 2K custom colour option, which is the first of its kind in the world. You can pick RAL and NCS colours in their online system www.2kmix.com and create a custom 2K colour in minutes.

On the WISESPRAY website, you can find the Wise Fill unit, which is the world’s first electric drive and serial aerosol filling machine. No need for compressors, the unit is portable and fills clean and it’s quick; the machine allows for customers to create a customer spray paint in less than 30 seconds.

Don’t forget to check out Car-Rep at the SEMA360 virtual conference and learn more about their new Wise 2K™ spray paint product line.


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