New MW-200 Mobile Wheel Lift from Rotary Lift


Madison, Indiana — January 6, 2014 — Rotary Lift says its new MW-200 Mobile Wheel Lift provides collision repair shops with a tool that reduces the risk of employee injury during the wheel removal and reinstallation processes, while simultaneously increasing productivity.

“Back injuries account for one in five workplace injuries or illnesses,” says Ron Lainhart, parts and service manager for Rotary Lift. “The majority of those injuries occur when employees attempt to lift and position heavy or awkward objects like wheels. Since many collision repairs require the removal of at least a few wheels, the shop’s risk for injury increases with each job. Shop owners can protect themselves from expensive compensation claims and reduce injury downtime by providing technicians with an MW-200 mobile wheel lift.”
To use the air-powered MW-200 wheel lift, the technician simply raises the lift to wheel level, positions the wheel within the lift, rolls the lift backward and lowers the lift to the ground. The MW-200 provides 200 lbs. of capacity at 100 psi, enough to lift a broad range of wheels and tires.
The MW-200 wheel lift has a rise time of just six seconds and features single-lever controls for quick operation. Its offset column provides unobstructed access to lug nuts and rolls on four high-quality casters for maneuvering on dirty shop floors. An air tool connection and parts tray are mounted on the column to reduce the number of hoses running from the compressor and keep everything organized.
Wheels loaded on the lift can be rotated 360 degrees on three large rollers, allowing the user to align the wheel and hub without straining. The ability to precisely remove and replace wheels is especially important for shops that service the growing number of performance vehicles equipped with ceramic composite disc brakes. Ceramic discs offer several benefits, but a statement from Rotary Lift says they are susceptible to accidental chipping and cracking from bumps received during service.
“The MW-200 wheel lifts protects both the vehicle and the technician,” says Lainhart. “It increases productivity by keeping users happy and healthy, and is so easy to use that it will quickly become part of the regular repair routine. When equipping your shop with new equipment, don’t forget about the wheel removal process.”
The MW-200 Mobile Wheel Lift weighs 135 lbs. and stands slightly more than five feet tall. For more information, please visit rotarylift.com

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