New KRSC43 Roll Cart from Snap-on


Kenosha, Wisconsin — April 21, 2014 — The new Snap-on KRSC43 Roll Cart has over 22,000 cubic inches of space, with a split top design slides out from the center to provide access to a  seven-inch deep top compartment to organize large sockets or use as a charging station for power tool batteries.

“The new Split Lid Shop Cart, made from our Heritage Roll Cab platform, is life-tested to provide reliable performance,” said Jay Serpe, product manager for Snap-on. “The KRSC43 provides the perfect combination of a fully welded design, variety in storage areas, maneuverable size and quiet, low vibration rolling.”
The lid of the new Snap-on KRSC43 Roll Cart is reinforced to enhance its durability as a workspace, while the dual stainless steel surfaces are embossed inward around the edges to help keep tools and parts from rolling off. The cart body is an entirely welded double wall design, not bolted, for lasting resilience and strength.
For additional security, there is an independent drawer locking switch inside the top compartment, and two key-driven locking bars secure the sliding lid to provide protection against theft. Four vertical bi-molded rubber/nylon bumpers protect nearby objects and provide a long-lasting professional appearance. Available in nine colors, the new Snap-on KRSC43 Roll Cart offers 28-inches of potential drawer space including a massive eight-inch deep bottom drawer that is 35-inches wide and will hold large, bulky items.
For more information, please visit snapon.com/toolstorage.

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