New Course: CSN Collision Tilbury repairs research boat for University of Windsor

Tilbury, Ontario — CSN Collision Tilbury recently repaired and refinished a research boat for the University of Windsor.

The vessel, which was used in the 1980’s needed a full make-over, which included stripping off the aluminum, some repairs, followed by a fresh coat of paint. 

We do some upgrading of boats, like speed boats,” Ryan Johnson of CSN told Chatham Daily News. “We paint quite a few, but to actually restore an old boat like that is not something we would normally do.”

Johnson says his team spent quite a bit of time working on the project.  

“Of course, we had costs, but we donated probably hundreds and hundreds of hours,” Johnson told reporters. 

Brown’s Auto Supply and Lakefront Marine also helped the shop complete the project. 

According to Chatham Daily News, the boat will be used by the University of Windsor’s Real-Time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network. 


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